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Wood delivery (la legna) – how I miss my driveway!

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Wood delivery (la legna) – how I miss my driveway!

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How I miss my driveway! Very many homes in Italy have a fireplace and rely on wood being delivered during the winter to warm their homes and for their stoves; particularly in the country and the villages. We fall into this category and so when 3,000 kgs of wood arrives at the entrance to the village during the winter the grumbles and groans can be heard for miles around and this is one of the few times that we feel far removed from civilisation. You see our house is about 200 metres (1,100 yards) from the entrance to the village and so in order to get the wood to the house relies on hundreds of trips back and forth with a wheelbarrow. The same applies when you come back from the supermarket; gone are the days when you could walk the 5 metres from the car to the front door.


Today was the today…


Wood deliveryAnyway, today was the day. The wood delivery man arrives unannounced and whatever more important task was planned falls by the wayside while the wood is forcibly removed from the entrance to the borgo (village). There are certain times in our life that you wish that the exuberance of youth would come running through the village and grab you by the genitalia and fill you with the same energy that my 11 year old son has after downing a 2 litre coke. Today was not one of them!


Santa’s little helpers


Although I paint a fairly morose picture there is one simple detail that I overlooked and that is something that is pretty unique to Italy, out of nowhere 7 or 8 of ‘Santa’s little helpers’ appeared Another wood deliveryto help us with our little cross. No amount of pleading will get them to stop. Being British we feel so guilty about taking people away from their other tasks or commitments but for them it’s second nature and just another way for them to express their acceptance of us stranieri (strangers\foreigners) into their lives and this for us is a truly marvelous thing. When the job is done it seems to be as fulfilling for them as it is for us. There is nothing nicer than looking at the wooden wall we have constructed (which we will demolish over the coming weeks as the cold nights set in).

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  1. Heather Grace says:

    I can’t imagine how extremely hard that would be. If you never had the luxury of a driveway then maybe you just wouldn’t know better but since you know what you are missing in that whole process I’m sure make it that much more tedious. We don’t have that issue here in California lol but I do have two small kids and made an attached garage or driveway a must have on the list when shopping for a place to live. I faired a living situation where we have to walk quite a ways from the car to our apartment and two sleeping toddlers in the car with groceries to carry in was hard!! I don’t envy you for that!

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Heather,

      Thanks for visiting again. Yes, the driveway…I guess one gets used to not having it over time. In life, you got to take the ‘rough with the smooth’ and this is my ‘rough’. When I look at the other advantages to where we live then this is a small price to pay.

      My plan is to buy a far bigger fridge so we only have to shop once a month or to invest in more than one wheelbarrow. Watch this space!

  2. Robert Basaker says:

    Brendancon, interesting view of truly country life.How survival, the wood, takes priority over everything you might be doing. I live in what I thought was the country here in the USA but I have the luxury of central heating and air conditioning. Your article makes me appreciate more of what I have and opened my eyes to what real rural country living is. In some ways, I envy that simpler lifestyle. Great article

    • Brendan says:

      Hi Bob,

      Don’t get me wrong, we still have the modcons, just not a driveway!

      I work for a British company during the day but getting to experience a simpler, less complicated lifestyle after hours. I have the best of both worlds. I feel blessed.

      Thanks for your comment, come back and visit.

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