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The cost of living in Italy

If you are contemplating moving to Italy from the UK or the US then a question that gets asked of me frequently is ‘What is the cost of living like in Italy?’ or ‘How much do I need to earn to maintain my lifestyle or to be comfortable?’   I…

21 things you should do in Italy right now…or at least before you die!

I often get asked what there is to do in Italy while you are on a short trip. There is loads to do particularly in the summer time but there are lots of things to do even if the weather isn’t great. Here are some of my highlights and a…

Homework – the early days (How did we survive?!)

On February 1, 2016, Posted by , In Living in Italy,Schools, With No Comments

I had a discussion this week with an American family about what to expect in the early days of schooling for their kids at an Italian school on moving to Italy from the US (particularly the homework situation). I think I scared them to death when talking about this before….

Comparisons of life in Italy

On January 31, 2016, Posted by , In Living in Italy, By , With 49 Comments

There are number of things that you may experience in Italy that you may not have experienced in your previous homeland. The greatest of these for me must be the summer time. This is a very infectious and energetic time. In the UK I was very used to coming home…

Schooling in Italy – what’s best for expats?

On January 27, 2016, Posted by , In Living in Italy,Schools, By , With 16 Comments

Before we arrived in Italy we had a couple of important decisions to make and the first one really was around the kids schooling.   Italy has three tiers of schooling:   Scuola Primaria (Primary School) or Elementare – from the age of six (or 5 and a half) Scuola Media (Middle…

Expats living in Italy – what to expect.

On January 17, 2016, Posted by , In Living in Italy, By , With 15 Comments

I guess if the truth be told I really don’t look at myself as an expat living in Italy. Often times when I look out of the window (on a really grey day) I feel like I’m still back in the UK or South Africa where I spent my formative…

Learning the Italian language…where do we start?

This is probably the biggest reason why foreigners don’t follow their dreams and arrive in their bus loads at the border of Italy and it shouldn’t be, based on my experiences. We have a fair number of expat friends who have arrived here over the years who did not learn Italian…

Wood delivery (la legna) – how I miss my driveway!

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How I miss my driveway! Very many homes in Italy have a fireplace and rely on wood being delivered during the winter to warm their homes and for their stoves; particularly in the country and the villages. We fall into this category and so when 3,000 kgs of wood arrives…