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21 things you should do in Italy right now…or at least before you die!

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21 things you should do in Italy right now…or at least before you die!

I often get asked what there is to do in Italy while you are on a short trip. There is loads to do particularly in the summer time but there are lots of things to do even if the weather isn’t great. Here are some of my highlights and a few of these have ended up on my Bucket List, in no particular order.


  1. Eat gelato (ice cream) every day in summer
  2. Eat pizza every other day
  3. Eat pasta on the other days
  4. Have an aperitivo in the Cinque Terre
  5. Got to the theatre in Verona
  6. Take a ride on a gondola in Venice
  7. Drive around the Amalfi coast on a vespa (scooter)
  8. Take a Fiat 500 (cinque cento) around Sicily or Sardinia
  9. Take a passagiata (stroll) at night through the streets of Rome
  10. >Go to a Milan derby football match (AC Milan vs Inter Milan) or any other match
  11.  Visit the Palio in Sienna (whether you are a horse lover or not)
  12. Drink a Bellini at Harry’s Bar (Venice)
  13. Go shopping in Milan
  14. Eat at the Sagras (food festivals) in the mountain villages in Tuscany
  15. Come to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza
  16. Have a conversation with someone, anyone in Italian
  17. As you progress, have an argument with a Neapolitan
  18. Have a cappuccino in San Marco Square (St Marks – Venice)
  19. People watch
  20. Appreciate a work of art at the Uffizi in Florence
  21. Come back next year and do the same and every other year…..!


This is my list for now, I’m sure that the longer I live here I will get to experience even more fantastic things and sights and so the list will change. Anything that you think my list is missing? Send me your thoughts and maybe it will make the top 21 or maybe the list will grow….


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21 things you should do in Italy right now...or at least before you die!
21 things you should do in Italy today or if not at least at them to your Bucket List
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